Defense of Anna of Arendelle

I hate it when people undermine Anna. Just because Elsa had more anxiety and visible stress, we think she’s the complex character and Anna is just the stupid lead that didn’t even deserve to be the lead. But No. Anna also has many layers. She’s not only stupid. She’s not only dorky. She’s not only anything that you undermine her to be. She’s a complex character.

She is Lonely not Boring: Anna is also alone. Do you know how that is to be alone and not know why? Do you know how it feels to be shut out for most of your life not even knowing why. Why do you see more of Anna, because you see how she’s dealing with this. We understand that Elsa’s powers are based on how she feels, but do you even see how Anna deals with it? She’s trying her best to ignore it, she tried to make herself busy, do anything to forget about how shut out she feels. And that’s as painful as what Elsa is feeling.

She is Clumsy not Immature: Anna falls all over the place… Why? Because she’s never had a role model. She’s not immature, she actually pretty mature and even if she acts childish, that does not make her immature. So why does she fall ver so much all of the time? Because no one really had the chance to teach her otherwise. Her sister was locked out. Her parents spend more time worrying about her sister and dealing with Royal affairs then they ever did with her. And there were barely any servants. DO you realize Anna spent her childhood alone? Teaching herself everything she knew?

She is Trusting not Stupid: Once she meets Hans, she immediately trusts him. Same thing for anyone she meets. Kristoff with his bad attitude, a talking snowman, even her sister who shut her out for so long. She trusts people. She still believes that there is good in people even though all her life, people have been shutting her out. She needs to trust people. Because if she couldn’t trust anyone, she would e all alone. And she can’t afford to have that happen all over again.

She is Needy not Crazy: When she agrees to marry Hans, she’s not crazy. She needs someone. She needs someone to care for her because no one has actually done that before. And then here comes a man who sounds perfect in every way and seems to love her just for who she is. So of course she takes the chance. When Olaf says that Anna doesn’t know anything about love, it’s true. All she knows is what she read. There was no love around her during her childhood. She was just always alone, she couldn’t have known any better. She only knew of the Fairytale Prince, and the guy right in front of her acted exactly like him. Again, she never learned what love was.

She is Insecure not Annoying: When Anna stumbles around Elsa, she isn’t annoying. She’s so nervous. It’s probably the first time Anna has talked to her and she has replied. Do you know how much of a shock that must have been. Also other than that, Anna’s always been living in her sister’s shadow, especially seeing her now. Anna realized she was nothing like her sister. Her perfect sister. And maybe to be accepted, she would have to act as if she was.

She is Kind not Bland: I’ve actually heard people say this. Anna was too bland a character, she was too nice to everyone. She never showed that much emotion. So first YES. SHE DID SHOW EMOTION. OR HAVE YOU JUST NOT BEEN WATCHING THE MOVIE. Second, it’s huge that Anna is kind. Anna has been treated like crap all her life, and now she’s being kind? Do you know how huge it is? Instead of teaching girls to avenge the past, Frozen teaches us not to dwell on it. Anna is kind to others, because she wants to make sure they don’t go through what she did.

She is Conflicted not Confused: When Elsa hits her with the ice, Anna looks like she wants to hate her sister. She does. But she can’t. Even after all of the crap she went through. After all the lies, she still wants to be with her sister. She’s not a confused little helpless princess. She’s not as dumb as people like to show her as. She’s actually pretty smart. But she’s been through an emotional roller coaster. Her sister, her fiance, this mountain man she just met. Anna has a lot of things to juggle emotionally. She has many conflicts in her head. Everything is just jumbled in her head. What would happen if you got all of that information emotionally. But even though all of that emotional pain, she gets through it.

She is Loyal not Dumb: Every time Anna is being loyal to someone, some dumbs thinks she’s being dumb. Like when she’s being loyal to her sister, defending her at all costs. No she’s not stupid trying to go out there alone. She’s focused. She’s going to get to her sister no matter what. And she sticks to her sister until the very end. Even if that means her turning into ice. Even if that means risking her life. She will do it.

Anna is not the prissy stupid little bland coward people make her up be. She actually a strong, and amazing woman, who deserves much more love then she currently gets.

Damn RIGHT. This is wonderful. Let’s spread the word. Anna is so much more than the surface appearance. Like Elsa, there’s incredible depths there. Look at her face. Freeze frame the entire movie if you have to. Watch her expressions. Listen to her tone of voice. Watch her in the backgrounds of scenes. Anna is so much more than a rather ditzy, sheltered, overly-trusting girl who makes bad decisions and lets her stubbornness get in the way of common sense. Anna is brave, stubborn, loyal, pigheaded, smart, spontaneous, kind, bubbly, irritating, full of love, full of anger, irrational, rational, silly, romantic… It’s all in there. You just have to be willing to look for it.

Here’s to Anna. :)

The girl is amazing. Compassionate, brave, graceful in her awkwardness, intelligent, accountable. Someone with a sense of humor, unwavering in her loyalty, and let’s not forget the nickname she earned from Kristoff: feisty. Just a young lady with dreams and aspirations, who doesn’t lose sight of what and who really matters.

She is Trusting not Stupid.

She is Trusting not Stupid.

That’s what absolutely kills me about Anna and it’s why I absolutely love her to bits. To bits. And I’m surprised at how many people still rag on Anna for wanting to marry Hans right off the bat and call her gullible, especially when most of the fandom hates Hans with a passion.

I’m not saying it wasn’t a hasty decision but even if she had gotten to know Hans and even married him, he’s a good enough actor for her to never have figured him out. Everyone in the movie was fooled by Hans. It wasn’t Anna being “gullible” it was Hans being damn good at concealing and not feeling. Or incorporating truth into his lies but you can argue me on that later.

What’s so fucked up about just—people in general and I see it all the time is that we make mockery of people who trust too easily! Gullibility is a weakness and gullible people deserve to be taken advantage of. You’ve seen it. You’ve taken the brunt of it. You’ve dealt it out. Why is it so wrong for someone to just want to take a person at their word? That’s all Anna ever did. It is not Anna’s fault for not knowing Hans would screw her over. She is just full of love that does not have to be earned.

See, she did love Hans. You can love someone without knowing, without testing them first; because love is an action. Love is “putting someone else’s needs before yours” don’t tell me that Anna wouldn’t have died for Hans after knowing him for one day because she would have. She is so infinitely loving and trusting, in direct contrast with characters like Kristoff who are jaded and immediately dislike everyone they meet. You know Kristoff’s type. You know why he doesn’t stand out. It’s because you’ve seen too many Kristoffs in the world.

Anna is such an incredibly strong girl. She can take years of pain, blame herself, blame her sister, blame the world and in the end still forgive, still trek for days through the snow to try to patch things up because she’s ready to forget and move on. She’s loving. She doesn’t hold a grudge. She doesn’t hold back her love as a prize. Why the fuck does everyone think that’s a weak trait?

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